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It’s been over a month since Unilever promised the world swift action on their mercury mess in Kodaikanal. But their ex-workers are yet to receive just compensation, and the company has refused to shed its double-standards on cleanup and is insisting on a substandard remediation.

For the first time in 14 years, our campaign put a strong spotlight on Unilever for dumping mercury waste in Kodaikanal and endangering the lives of their ex-workers and residents. After our music video “Kodaikanal Wont” went viral, Unilever claimed they were keen to look for a resolution. But the clean-up they are offering will leave the environment horribly contaminated. And going by the absence of any news on a settlement with workers, the issue of compensating affected workers hasn't been resolved either.

That is why we need to take the next step. Ultimately, Unilever is a consumer product brand, dependent on all of us for their profits. Avoiding Unilever products and letting Unilever CEO Paul Polman know that you are doing this on moral grounds will send home a strong message. Please join fellow Jhatkaa members in our consumer action against Unilever products? Say you #WontBuyUnilever until the company cleans up to world standards and compensates workers adequately.

Full list of products by Unilever: http://bit.ly/1i3hxo4