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The Chairman of Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) Shambhu Dayal Meena


KERC needs to order BESCOM to review its billing, and offer plaintiffs an efficient system for individuals to rectify inflated bills for months of March and April. 


Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) recently came under public scrutiny after charging exorbitant electricity bills from Bangaloreans. For the months of March and April, Bangaloreans saw a huge uptick in their electricity bill, with many complaining that it appeared almost thrice as high as usual. 


There have been multiple reasons BESCOM has provided for this, citing the lockdown and the increase in professionals working from home. They also claimed that some of the excess charges were due to the maintenance of their machinery. Having taken the blame for 900 incorrect bills, BECOM prompted citizens to download the app and check their own meters to report a discrepancy. Or reach out to them via their toll-free helpline 1912. BESCOM also stated that non-payment of bills until the end of June would not be penalized, so citizens would have the time to sort their billing with the company. 


However, as we reach the second week of June, it becomes apparent that many of the solutions offered do not work. The app has been consistently failing, making it difficult for Bangaloreans to voice complaints. The helpline number is consistently hard to get a hold of, and once you are able to, confusing requirements that are difficult to fulfill are cited. Enough is enough, we need a clear concrete plan from BESCOM on how to resolve discrepancies in billing. 


Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) Shambhu Dayal Meena needs to address the complaints of multiple consumers. We demand an inspection of BESCOM billing as well as sharing an efficient working system for monitoring and rectifying the hundreds of billing complaints Bangaloreans are facing. We deserve a system that allows for public service to continue as beneficial for the greater good. 


If you feel you have been over-charged or unaffected, please take our survey.


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