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Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare

Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals have been at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19.
The medical community is doing the best that they can do to help individuals in need. But a number of recent news reports have indicated the sub-standard personal protection equipment being provided to them. 


Even doctors working in hospitals dedicated as COVID-19 treatment centres are provided with sub-standard protection gear which puts them at high risk of infection. In fact, in Mumbai, among the 100 reported patients, 4 are doctors who were treating COVID- 19 patients. The high-risk doctors from AIIMS, Delhi were discriminated against by their landlords fearing the spread of infection from them.  This has resulted in protests across the country with doctors refusing to treat patients until their demands are met.  

This is not just inhumane but also dangerous. India has an otherwise robust healthcare system and the current state of affairs may tip the scales in the wrong direction, and weaken our chances of fighting this pandemic. Sign the petition now to ask for proper safety gear for doctors across the country.

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