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NP Singh

Vice-president, Sony Entertainment 


Sony Entertainment received a backlash from citizens following singer Sona Mohapatra’s open letter challenging the reinstatement of singer Anu Malik. 


Let’s rewind a bit — last year Malik stepped down after several women from the industry accused him of sexual harassment. However, this year he is back on the show. Why? Sony must ask Anu Malik to leave the show with immediate effect. 


According to sources, the channel is feeling the heat, and is considering removing the singer.


Social media pressure is working, yet again. Your signature can be the tipping point for Sony to sack Anu Malik. 


This is a great opportunity for Sony to set a trend that they have zero tolerance for sexual harassment.



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Accused of sexual harassment last year, Anu Malik is back as a judge on Indian Idol. Sony had asked him to leave last year, so why is he back on national television?


Sony must ask Anu Malik to leave the show with immediate effect.