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Rekha Sharma,
Chairperson, National Commission for Women

Rohit Gupta,
President, Sony Entertainment



UPDATE: 03 Feb 2020


Singer Sona Mohapatra slammed the National Commission for Women (NCW) for closing her sexual harassment case on accused Anu Malik.

NCW quoted
lack of evidence as their reason for closing the case. However, Mohapatra clarified that she has been “painstakingly” gathering evidence and testimonies to send it to the NCW. 


For a statutory body like NCW to abruptly wrap up the case without proper investigation is in violation of the POSH regulations. We know that public pressure forced Indian Idol management to drop Anu Malik as a judge.


It is the mandate of the NCW to ensure women’s safety is safeguarded. They cannot shirk off their responsibility by conveniently closing this case. Especially when there is no lack of evidence.

We are asking the National Commission for Women to
follow due process and resume the case.

We are in touch with Sona Mohapatra who wants to connect with us to make progress on this campaign. We are awaiting a heads up from her on any strategic move.



Sona Mohapatra -- Twitter Handle
Sona Mohapatra slams National Commission for Women after NCW decides to close #MeToo case on Anu Malik --
Pune Mirror


UPDATE: 22 Nov 2019


Sexual harassment accused Anu Malik has stepped down from Indian idol 11. 


Thank you for your timely action! Let’s also take a moment to congratulate Sona Mohapatra for spearheading this campaign. 


The National Commission for Women (NCW) has asked Mr Rohit Gupta, President of Sony Entertainment, to inform them about actions taken under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Law. 


This is our perfect window -- let’s tweet to Sony Entertainment to start an investigation into the allegations. 


We need to be wary of the fact that Anu Malik has said that he is only “taking a break from the show.”


Someone with multiple accusations of sexual harassment against them doesn’t need a break, the allegations need to be investigated. This is what the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law stipulates. Tweet at Sony to follow the law. 


Isn’t it a great feeling to know that your actions have kept the #MeToo movement alive and kicking. Let’s keep the spirit up.



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DATE: 09 Nov 2019


Sony Entertainment received a backlash from citizens following singer Sona Mohapatra’s open letter challenging the reinstatement of singer Anu Malik.


Let’s rewind a bit — last year Malik stepped down after several women from the industry accused him of sexual harassment. However, this year he is back on the show. Why? Sony must ask Anu Malik to leave the show with immediate effect. 


According to sources, the channel is feeling the heat, and is considering removing the singer.


Social media pressure is working, yet again. Your signature can be the tipping point for Sony to sack Anu Malik. 


This is a great opportunity for Sony to set a trend that they have zero tolerance for sexual harassment.



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Next step - spread the word

Accused of sexual harassment last year, Anu Malik is back as a judge on Indian Idol. Sony had asked him to leave last year, so why is he back on national television?


Sony must ask Anu Malik to leave the show with immediate effect.



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