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Praveen Pardeshi,

Chief, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)


Did you know that pothole-free streets are a fundamental right of citizens? 


This was stated in the Bombay High Court a few years ago. 


Mumbai is already reeling under the effects of a heavy monsoon. As the infrastructure crumbles, commuting has become a nightmarish experience. What makes this worse are the unending traffic snarls in the city, caused to a large extent by the sheer number of potholes -- that the BMC was supposed to have fixed BEFORE the monsoon began.


Key roads and junctions in the city are riddled with potholes, which also pose a life threat, especially to senior citizens, pregnant women and people on two-wheelers. Newer potholes continue to emerge as heavy rainfall lashes the city.


And guess what? The BMC refuses to launch an app that will allow for effective reporting and redressal of pothole issues. Called Voice of Citizen, it's an award-winning platform that came with a High Court recommendation and was in use until a few years ago, before it was unceremoniously scrapped. 


The civic agency's existing app, MCGM 24X7 is not user-friendly. Speaking to Jhatkaa.org, Mumbai-based developer Shantanu Kulkarni, whose firm has developed Voice of Citizen said that they are offering the app to the BMC free of cost, but they haven't shown an inclination. 


There are easily over 2,000 potholes in the city, and we must hold the BMC accountable for them before any more lives are lost to this completely avoidable problem. We deserve to have safe, comfortable journeys on our city streets. 


SIGN this petition, and ask the BMC to re-launch Voice of Citizen as soon as possible. We need to build up public pressure, and when the BMC sees how citizens care about this issue, they will be forced to take cognisance.



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BMC has been offered a user-friendly platform, Voice of Citizen, free of cost for citizens to report pothole grievances in the city. However, the civic agency has shown no inclination towards using this app.  

Millions of citizens battle pothole-ridden roads every day, staking their lives in the process. The BMC's apathy must end. SHARE this campaign asking them to launch the pothole grievance app as soon as possible.