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Amulya Patnaik 

Commissioner of Police, Delhi 

Atul Kumar Thakur,
Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)


UPDATE: 09 Dec 2019


The Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) has intervened in the case and asked Amulya Patnaik "to take urgent necessary action in the matter and an send the Action Taken Report (ATR) sent to the Ministry of WCD to appraise the Office of the Hon'ble Minister."

Your signatures have done wonders again. The ministry has not only asked to take action but it also wants a report back from the commissioner himself.

Let's sustain the pressure and make Delhi Police file the FIR for the Delhi-based harassment survivor


UPDATE: 26 Nov 2019

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has asked the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), South to take charge and file an FIR for the Neb Sarai sexual harassment complainant. 


Tweet at DCP, South Atul Kumar Thakur to ensure swift action on her case. 


The complainant’s  RTI to Delhi Police headquarters also instructs DCP, South to “reply directly to the applicant” in the case.

You can take it from me that this mother of a three-month-old child is one brave woman. All my conversations with her have been around finding the right solution to get her case registered. 


She is under a lot of pressure with threats and intimidation to get her to back down. Tell DCP, South that a woman has been denied her right to redressal and we expect justice from him. 


The DCP, South Atul Kumar Thakur is known for his commitment to solve cases. So, pick your tweet and give him the needed push in the case: 


Tweet 1: Respected @DCPSouthDelhi, a woman at Neb Sarai police station wanted to file an FIR on Sept 30. She still hasn’t been able to do so. We know that your intervention will help the case. Please do the needful. @CPDelhi @NCWIndia @jhatkaadotorg. Link here: bit.ly/2Ddp40D


Tweet 2: Dear @DCPSouthDelhi, no one should be denied the right to file an FIR. A Delhi sexual harassment complainant is waiting for FIR to be filed at Neb Sarai Station for a month now. We ask for your intervention. @CPDelhi @NCWIndia @jhatkaadotorg. Link here: bit.ly/2KYbzGc




DATE: 12 Nov 2019


**Trigger content warning**


“The Station House Officer (SHO) threatened me that if I do not withdraw the sexual harassment complaint, my husband would be implicated in some serious false charges and he will make our life hell and miserable.”


A Delhi-based woman wanted to file a sexual harassment complaint against a doctor, who is also her landlord and her husband’s employee.


The account of her ordeal at the police station is nothing short of horrifying -- her phone was taken from her, a woman constable slapped her so hard that her baby fell from her lap sustaining injuries. To top that, Neb Sarai Station House Officer Naresh Solanki forced her to withdraw her complaint.


The police has the legal responsibility to file an FIR on receipt of a sexual harassment complaint. Ask Amulya Patnaik, Commissioner of Police, Delhi to abide by the law and immediately file an FIR.


This is not the first time that Solanki has intimidated women from lodging complaints. Previously, Solanki faced criticism for forcing the complainant who accused Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi of sexual harassment to apologise.


Every time we stay quiet, officers like Solanki get away with bullying and intimidation. If we don’t make a noise now, by bringing this case to the attention of superiors like the Police Commissioner, we allow more women to face harassment at police stations.


We recently had a victory with Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad (SLS-H) campaign where we got the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD), National Commission for Women (NCW) and University Grants Commission (UGC) to intervene and follow due process in resolving a sexual harassment case at Symbiosis Law School (SLS).


We know that when we rally support behind complainants, we are able to generate pressure on government officials to do their job and follow due process.


Lodging a complaint is the very first step in getting justice -- women should not have to face harassment and blackmail for wanting to do what is their right. Delhi Police must file and FIR and take disciplinary action against SHO Naresh Solanki.




SHO Allegedly Pressurised Sexual Harassment Victim to Withdraw Complaint -- News Click


Next step - spread the word

Delhi woman has not only been denied justice but was also threatened by the Station House Officer (SHO) to take her complaint back. 


She was slapped at the police station after being there for more than five hours with her infant child trying to lodge a complaint. 


An FIR is her right as a complainant. SHARE the petition today to help her get justice.