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Thiru.Sujitkumar, G.Siva Vikram, Balram Kumar Upadhyay, Superintendent of Police, District Police Chief, IGP & District Police Chief of Coimbatore, Palakkad, and Thiruvananthapuram respectively


“I tried my best to convince the doctor that I was not sick, that I had no problem, that I am okay… But they hit me on my ear with the equipment which was being used to sedate me and I fell down. I could not do anything.


Trigger Warning: Suicide, Homophobia


On May 12, 21-year-old Anjana Hareesh reportedly died by suicide after allegedly being forced into conversion therapy by her parents to “cure” her, following her coming out to them as bisexual.


On a Facebook live, Anjana talked about the forced conversion therapy and the physical and mental abuse she was subjected to by 2 de-addiction and mental health centers, and a Psychiatrist over a period of 3 months.


“For three weeks I was physically and mentally kept in a cell,” Anjana said. She continued, “I was given 40 injections in this period…I was mentally and physically broken.


As per the Mental Healthcare Act 2017, an adult person cannot be treated for any mental health condition without their express consent or the consent of a representative nominated by the person requiring treatment. Why then was Anjana subjected to abuse in the name of “treatment”? We need to act NOW and ensure that Anjana gets justice!


Sign this petition to ask the Superintendent of Police of Thiruvananthapuram, Palakkad, and Coimbatore to start an investigation against the respective mental health practitioners and the de-addiction and mental health centers named by Anjana.


The Indian Psychiatric Society, the country’s largest association of Indian Psychiatrists, has officially stated that homosexuality is not a mental illness or a disease. The same stance was taken by the Supreme Court of India which also led to the reading down of Section 377. In fact, the cruel practice of conversion therapy was one of the reasons why Naz Foundation filed petitions against 377.


We ask the Indian Psychiatric Society, as well as other Mental Health governing bodies, organizations, and associations in India to stand against conversion therapy Anjana was subjected, and bring out guidelines against advising such treatments to LGBTQ+ community. The mental health community needs to stand together to condemn such acts and acknowledge that LGBTQ+ individuals have the right to fair, non-judgemental, inclusive, and affirmative mental healthcare.


An investigation against the said institutions and people can send out a strong message that an inhuman practice like conversion therapy will not be tolerated and action WILL be taken.


Your one signature today can save hundreds of queer individuals from facing what Anjana went through. Let’s do our bit to ensure the safety of the LGBTQ+ community.


We need your voice, support, and solidarity to make sure we don’t lose another Anjana and to ensure a safe, inclusive, and queer-friendly mental healthcare system.


Take a step towards ensuring equal protection for the queer community by signing this petition today.

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21yr Anjana felt she "couldn't do anything" against ppl who forced conversion "therapy" on her. But you can! #DemandJusticeForAnjana & ask for investigation against the mental health practitioners.

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