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Rishi Kumar Mishra,

Director, Central Bureau of Investigation


The news about the women who have been sexually abused in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, which involves over 50 girls is shocking beyond belief and needs to be investigated immediately.


Going by the news, all the girls were befriended by one of the accused on social media. They were then called to a spot where each of the girls was assaulted whilst the three other men involved recorded the assault in the form of videos.


Further, the women were asked for sexual favours and extorted for money. It appears that at least four men are accused in this racket.


What is even more disturbing is that the authorities in Tamil Nadu including the police have been extremely callous in ensuring the girl’s privacy despite a clear Supreme Court direction making it clear that a survivor’s identity needs to be kept safeguarded. And for good measure.


But, instead, in complete violation of the law, the Superintendent of Police, R. Pandiarajan revealed the whistleblower’s name (a 19-year-old survivor), and even gave away her educational credentials and address.  


The Tamil Nadu government has now officially transferred the case of the #PollachiSexualAbuse girls to the CBI!  


The stakes are very high. The situation is extremely volatile. And scores of girls remain vulnerable till the accused are brought to book.


Given the nature of the scandal, I urge you to ensure there is a high-ranking woman official as a part of the investigation team.


As a deeply concerned citizen, I urge you to expedite this investigation on the #PollachiSexualAbuse cases.



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Four men have been accused of running a sexual abuse and extortion racquet in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. This has been going on for the last seven years. And the number of girls abused and extorted could be over 50!


The Tamil Nadu police have done little. In fact they have been callous enough to reveal the whistle-blower’s (a 19-year-old survivor) identity in the public making the girl vulnerable.


Given the scale, which might well be larger than it appears at the moment, the case has been moved to the CBI for further investigation.


This is great but the CBI needs to urgently expedite the investigation given the gravity of the situation.