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The BBMP Commissioner,

Bangalore, Karnataka

‘Pourakarmikas’ or garbage cleaners are rightfully protesting for the last few weeks to get due recognition from the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) for their services to the city. The Pourakarmikas from all of the city’s eight zones have been protesting that their services have not been regularised despite a commitment from the government over two years ago.

Nirmala M. of the BBMP Pourakarmikara Sangha said that having minimum qualification of up to SSLC, were unreasonable. Moreover, the Pourakarmikas could only be employed to the age of 45, which is seriously limiting in terms of their employment. Not only are the limiting criteria a serious concern with respect to a huge section which faces the challenge of being unemployed all of a sudden, but also the fact that the BBMP had committed to regularisation of services over two years ago and done diddly squat about it.

With  lack of regularisation come the challenges of unreliability of their jobs, lack of benefits of employment such as Provident Fund, medical support etc, all of which would go a long way to support these women. This is not new and yet, despite years of their committed work to keep the city clean of 5,000 tonnes of garbage on a daily basis, they are not even more than lip service 

This time around as well, while the Commissioner has met with them and committed to raise the issue with the state government, there is no guarantee that something is going to come out of it. As citizens of Bengaluru, we need to stand up for those who keep our city clean and ensure it runs like a well oiled machine

We ask for the following:
*  The BBMP should ensure that the jobs of all 18,000 pourakarmika workers are regularised.

The age criteria necessary for the regularisation of their jobs is raised from 45 to 55 years. 





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