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1. Maharastra government declared Rs. 2000 per month increment for ASHA workers from 1 July.

2. Block Facilitators will get Rs. 3000 per month salary from 1 July.

ASHA workers are paid Rs 33 remuneration per day for surveying 20-25 houses for suspected corona patients.

While we’ve seen an outpouring of support for health workers in recent times, ASHA workers are still having to buy their own safety kits. This is not only distressing but completely unacceptable.


These ASHA workers can’t complain about their problems because they fear backlash from their seniors and loss of jobs. They can’t put their problems on social media because they don’t have the luxury to buy a smartphone when they can’t even afford rations. 


But you can.


Sign the petition and demand deputy chief minister of Maharashtra Mr. Ajit Pawar to fulfill their demands. Tweet out this petition and tag your MP, MLA, and Ministers in it. Send this petition to your friends, family, and colleagues on all social media platforms available.


ASHA workers demand


1. An increment of at least Rs 2000 for all ASHA workers which have been on hold since Sep 2019. (With difference till now)


2. The Block facilitator should get a Rs 10,000 monthly salary. (They get only Travel Allowance for now)


3. A respectable Rs 300 per day for corona survey work (currently they get 33 Rs per day)

Maharashtra Government is enlisting such a crucial service at this time by paying ASHA workers an insulting, paltry compensation. It's time we stand up for these corona warriors.