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Niyati Thaker, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone V) 

Sanjay Barve, Commissioner Mumbai Police 


“He has been threatening to ‘teach me a lesson’” 


A few days ago, a woman complainant came down to the Mahim police station to file an FIR but was heckled by the police with irrelevant questions about her character instead. 


The complainant reached out to the police station following an incident where a Swiggy delivery executive forcefully entered her house, and allegedly slapped her and extorted money.


According to the law, the police MUST file an FIR on receipt of a complaint. 


Ask Ms. Niyati Thaker, DCP, Mumbai to immediately file the FIR.


This unwelcome forced entry into the woman’s house is nothing short of sexual harassment and should have been taken seriously by the police in charge.


Since the onset of the #MeToo movement and the grotesque case around Nirbhaya’s rape and death, the number of FIRs filed have gone up by about 40%.


As a society, we need to ensure our women are safe irrespective of where they are or what they choose to do. Let’s stand up in support of this complainant and get the police to file the FIR immediately.



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A woman in Mahim was harassed and dismissed when she tried to file an FIR against a Swiggy delivery executive. 


Mumbai police must file an FIR immediately to fast track the due process.