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29 March 2019:


औरतें उट्ठी नहीं तो ज़ुल्म बढ़ता जायेगा
Women March for Change
Women Vote for Change
हमारा वोट बदलाव के लिए
Women’s Voices against Fear and Hatred

Women across India will march together on the 4th of April, 2019 to reject the current environment of hate and violence and to claim their constitutional rights as citizens of a democratic republic. Women March for Change is aimed at uniting voices of dissent against the targeted attacks on the Constitutional rights of women in India.

The growth of fascist and neo-liberal forces in the country, and the resulting rise in violence in society, has deeply impacted the lives of women. Attacks on minorities, especially Muslims, Dalits and Christians, which have taken various forms including fake encounter killings and mob lynching by the cow vigilantes have created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity.

There is a steady deterioration in the rule of law and the basic constitutional commitment to equality. Neo-liberal economic policies and growing crony capitalism have adversely impacted women in general, but especially those who belong to the Dalit, Adivasi and other marginalised communities. Their fragile economic base has been devastated and the environmental destruction unleashed has impacted them severely.

The last few years have witnessed a frontal attack on the Constitution, particularly on the freedom of expression it guarantees – the right to dress, speak, write, eat and choose – which impacts women disproportionately.

Voices of dissent have been systematically silenced. While Sudha Bhardwaj, Shoma Sen and many others are languishing in jails, women like Gauri Lankesh have had to pay with their lives for exercising their fundamental right to speech and expression.

As we move towards the 2019 general elections, we are reminded every day of the acute need to unite to defeat the casteist, communal and divisive forces that threaten to tear the fabric of our nation. Our vote is critical in deciding our fate and the fate of our fellow citizens.

There is an urgent need for women and transgender people in every sphere - students, activists, professionals, domestic workers, artists, academics, bureaucrats, journalists, lawyers, sex workers, farmers and forest dwellers - to raise our voices collectively against fascism, violence, hate, discrimination and war. We need to reclaim our republic, assert our rights guaranteed by the Constitution and stand up against the dismantling of our democratic institutions. Most importantly, we need to fight against the shrinking of our democratic spaces and the crackdown on dissent.

Women March for Change is an inclusive platform for diverse communities of women who seek to dismantle the current regime of oppression and strive towards a just and peaceful future.  We invite you to be co-travellers in this journey and join us on the 4th of April.


This is a National call to organize Women Marches across Cities, towns, Talukas, villages and wherever else possible on April 4th.


  1. A.Kalamani, Consultant, Gender & Development, Hyderabad

  2. Aabha, TISS (alumni), Mumbai

  3. Aanchal Narang, Labia- a queer, feminist, LBT collective, Mumbai

  4. Aarti

  5. Aasha Ramesh, Women's Rights Activist and Researcher, Bangalore;

  6. Aasima, Delhi Solidarity Forum

  7. Aasma, BMMA Delhi

  8. Aayat, BMMA Delhi

  9. Abdul Vahid K, assistant professor, Vazhakkad Kerala

  10. Abeer Chakravarty, Retired, Kolkata

  11. Abha Bhaiya, OBR India

  12. Abhiti Gupta

  13. Abir NA, Kolkata

  14. Aditi Bhattacharya, Program Executive, Kolkata

  15. Aditi Chatterjee, Teacher, Kolkata

  16. Aditi Joshi, Labia- a queer, feminist, LBT collective, Mumbai

  17. Adsa Fatima, Health activist, Delhi

  18. Adv. Karuna Taksal, Beed, NFIW, Maharashtra

  19. Adv. Kranti Deshmukh, Amravati, NFIW, Maharashtra

  20. Adv. Madhuri Kshirsagar, Parbhani, NFIW, Maharashtra

  21. Adv. Manasi Baheti, Aurangabad, NFIW, Maharashtra

  22. Afra Shafiq

  23. Aheli Choudhry, JOSH

  24. AIDWA, All India Democratic Women’s Association

  25. Aiman J Khan, Bangalore

  26. AK Dave, queer feminist MH activist, Mumbai

  27. Akanksha S, Women’s Studies Researcher, Mumbai

  28. Akash

  29. Akole Tsuhah, MAKAAM, Nagaland

  30. Alana Golmei, Pann Nu Foundation

  31. Alice Moris, MAKAAM, Gujarat

  32. Alisha, BMMA Delhi

  33. Alka Pawangadkar, Pune

  34. Alka Vijay, Alwar, NFIW, Rajasthan

  35. Aloka Kujur, social activist, NAPM, Jharkhand, WSS

  36. Amandeep, NFIW, Rajasthan

  37. Ambika, Aman Vedika, Hyderabad

  38. Ambika, Omon Mahila Sanghatan, Noamundi, Jharkhand.

  39. Amita Baviskar

  40. Amita Buch, Ahmedabad

  41. Ammu Abraham, FAOW, Mumbai

  42. Amrita Das Gupta, Service, Kolkata

  43. Amrita Gupta, Delhi

  44. Amrita Johri, SNS, Delhi

  45. Anam, BMMA Delhi

  46. Anandhi

  47. Anasua Bagchi, Kolkata

  48. Anchita Ghatak

  49. Aniket Basu, assistant professor, Kolkata

  50. Anindya Basu, Teacher, Kolkata

  51. Anita Bharti, writer and Dalit activists, Delhi

  52. Anita Borkar, Nasik

  53. Anita Cheria, Open Space, Bangalore

  54. Anita Das, National Hawkers Federation, , Mumbai

  55. Anita Ghai, Delhi

  56. Anita Mathur, Jaipur

  57. Anita Ratnam, Bengaluru

  58. Anita Rego, social development consultant, Hyderabad

  59. Anita Tailor, NFIW, Rajasthan

  60. Anjali Bhardwaj, SNS

  61. Anjali Monterio, Mumbai

  62. Anjlee Agarwal, Samarthyam Women with Disabilities Forum for Action, New Delhi

  63. Anju Singh, AIDMAM

  64. Anjum, BMMA Delhi

  65. Anjuman Ara Begum

  66. Ankan Purkait, PhD research Scholar, Chandannagar

  67. Ankita Luharia, Jaipur

  68. Ankita Maloo, Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti, Rajasthan

  69. Annie Koshi, educationist, Delhi,

  70. Annie Raja, NFIW

  71. Anomita Sen, Delhi

  72. Anu Verma, MAKAAM, Gujarat

  73. Anuradha Kapoor, Kolkata

  74. Anurita Hazarika, NFT Member, MAKAAM, Assam

  75. Anushri, Trans Rights Now Collective, Tamil Nadu

  76. Aparajita Ganguly Bose, Coordinator Human rights , West Bengal

  77. Aparna Dixit

  78. Aparna Sen, filmmaker, Kolkata

  79. Aparna, research scholar, DSF, JNU

  80. Apeksha Vora, Mumbai

  81. Aradhana Bhargava, Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, NAPM Madhya Pradesh

  82. Archan Dwivedi, Delhi

  83. Archana Datta, civil servant retired

  84. Archana Kaul, Founder NGO, Srijanatmak, Manushi Sanstha, Delhi

  85. Archana Rao, Hyderabad

  86. Archana Rao, MVR foundation, Telangana

  87. Archana Singh, NFT Member, MAKAAM, Madhya Pradesh

  88. Arpita Chatterjee, Performing Artiste and teacher, Kolkata

  89. Arshie Qureshi, Kashmir Women’s Collective

  90. Arti Redekar, AISF, Maharashtra

  91. Aruna Athaluri, Journalist, Hyderabad

  92. Aruna Roy, MKSS, Rajasthan

  93. Aruna, KMVS, Kutch, Gujarat

  94. Arundhati Dhuru, NAPM, Lucknow

  95. Arunima Chatterjee, Program Associate, Kolkata

  96. Asha Achuthan, FAOW, Mumbai

  97. Asha Kaushik, RUWA, Jaipur

  98. Ashalatha Raytu Swaraj Vedika

  99. Ashfa, BMMA Delhi

  100. Ashiti

  101. Ashlesha Khadse, Amrita Bhumi, Karnataka;

  102. Asomi Gogoi, Assam

  103. Aswathy Senan

  104. Atika Singh, Law Student, Kolkata

  105. Atufah, student Kolkata

  106. Avinash Ojha

  107. Ayeesha Rai, National Network of Sex workers

  108. Ayesha Begum, Women Hawkers activist

  109. Aysha Khan, RTF campaign

  110. Azeema, Gujarat

  111. Babli Ravat, AITUC, Maharashtra

  112. Bahidan, BMMA Delhi

  113. Baitali Ganguly, Kolkata

  114. Baitina, NFIW, Rajasthan

  115. Banamallika Choudhury, NEthing, Guwahati, Assam

  116. Bandaru Vijaya, Prarave, Telangana

  117. Barsha

  118. Beulah Shekhar YWCA, TN

  119. Bhandara Kranti

  120. Bhanwari Bai, Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti, Rajasthan

  121. Bharti Bindoria, NFIW, Rajasthan

  122. Bina Panchal, NFIW, Rajasthan

  123. Bindu Doddahatti, Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore

  124. Bindu KC, Delhi

  125. Binny, MAKAAM, Jharkhand

  126. Bishakha Datta, Point of View, Mumbai

  127. Bittu Karthik

  128. Boby Dixit, NFIW, Rajasthan

  129. Bondita Acharya, WING-Assam

  130. Braganza, Teacher, Kolkata

  131. Brinelle D’Souza, Indian Christian Women’s Movement, Mumbai

  132. Bristi Bose, Hooghly

  133. Bulbul Dhar, Academician, Delhi

  134. C Vanaja, Independent Journalist & Film Maker, Hyderabad

  135. Chaitali

  136. Chanda Asani, Jaipur

  137. Chandar Kala, NFIW, Rajasthan

  138. Chandrakala Sharma, Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan

  139. Charmaine Ferns, Retired Airline Executive, Kolkata

  140. Chayanika Shah, LABIA- A Queer Feminist LBT Collective, Mumbai

  141. Chetali Haldar

  142. Chhaya Pachauli, Jaipur

  143. Chintamani, Karnataka

  144. Chitra, LABIA- A Queer Feminist LBT Collective, Mumbai

  145. Christina Samy, National Vice President, Swaraj India

  146. Christine, Teacher, Kolkata

  147. Corriene Kumar, Bengaluru

  148. Cynthia Stephen, TEDS Trust, DAWNS, Bangalore

  149. Dana Roy, Teacher, Kolkata

  150. Davjanany, Journalist

  151. Deblina Chakraborty Program Executive, Kolkata

  152. Deepa Gupta, MAKAAM, Uttrakhand

  153. Deepa V, Delhi

  154. Deepika, Educator, Patna

  155. Deepika, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan Chhattisgarh 

  156. Deepshri Tiwari

  157. Deshdeep, student, Delhi University

  158. Dev Desai ,social activist, ANHAD, Gujarat

  159. Dev Desai, social activist, Anhad Gujarat

  160. Devaki Jain, economist, Delhi

  161. Devika , Pinjra Tod, Delhi

  162. Devika Menon, research scholar, JNU

  163. Devika, BMMA Delhi

  164. Devyani Bhardwaj, writer, Jaipur

  165. Dhamini Ratnam, journalist, Delhi,

  166. Dhanak, organization of inter caste and interfaith couples, Delhi

  167. Dharwad, Karnataka

  168. Dhiviya, Delhi

  169. Diamond Oberoi Vahali

  170. Diana, CIEDS Collective, Karnataka

  171. Dimple

  172. Dinesh Desai,

  173. Dipa Sinha, Ambedkar University, Right to Food Campaign, Delhi

  174. Dipta Bhog, social activist, Delhi

  175. Divya Srinivasan, Delhi

  176. Dolon Ganguly, Kolkata

  177. Dr Abha Dev Habib,Former EC Member,DU, Secretary, Democratic Teacher’s Front

  178. Dr Anuradha Reddi, Mumbai, NFIW, Maharashtra

  179. Dr Bhan Kaur Pilibanga, NFIW, Rajasthan

  180. Dr Jayeeta Bagchi, housewife, Kolkata

  181. Dr Manasi Baheti, Aurangabad, NFIW, Maharashtra

  182. Dr Mira Shiva, Public Health Physician

  183. Dr Monica Das. Academician, NCR

  184. Dr Radha Bhandari, NFIW, Rajasthan

  185. Dr Ranjita Biswas, Psychiatrist and Queer feminist activitist, Kolkata

  186. Dr Sagari Ramdas

  187. Dr Shanta Bavne, Bhandara, NFIW, Maharashtra

  188. Dr Soma KP, MAKAAM, NFT member, Delhi

  189. Dr Sylvia Karpagam, public health doctor, Bangalore

  190. Dr Tonam Sharma, NFIW, Rajasthan

  191. Dr Vaishali Patil, MAKAAM, Maharashtra

  192. Dr Varsha Ganguly, MAKAAM NFT, Gujarat

  193. Dr. A. Padma, Hyderabad

  194. Dr. Veena Shatrugna, retired deputy director, National Institute of Nutrition

  195. Dulali Nag, New Alipore, Kolkata

  196. Dwarka Gangurde, Nandurbar, NFIW, Maharashtra

  197. Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan

  198. Elina Horo, Adivasi Women’s Network, Jharkhand

  199. Elizabeth Cherian, designer, Goa

  200. Emami Murmu, Interdistrict Singla Adiwasi Women Union, Jharkhand

  201. Ena Zafar, student, Jamia Millia Islamia

  202. Faizan Alam, Delhi

  203. Farah Naqvi, writer, activist, Delhi

  204. Fareen , BMMA Delhi

  205. Farida Khan, Pehchan

  206. Firdous Siddiqui

  207. Fizza Hussain, ICC member, intersectional feminist, researcher, AMU

  208. Flavia Agnes, Advocate, Majlis, Mumbai

  209. Ganga Gupta, Bikaner

  210. Ganvir Gondia

  211. Gargi Banerjee, Development Consultant, Kolkata

  212. Gargi Chakravarty, NFIW

  213. Gargie Mangulkar, National Coordinator, MAKAAM

  214. Gauri Chowdhury, Action India , Delhi

  215. Geeta Chhipa, NFIW, Rajasthan

  216. Geeta Seshu, journalist, Free Speech Collective

  217. Geetha Nambisan, Delhi

  218. Ghazala Paul, Gujarat

  219. Girija Gupte, Workers’ Rights Activist, Mumbai

  220. Gita Bhattacharya, Assam

  221. Govind Kelkar, Senior Advisor - Women, Land & Productive Assets, New Delhi

  222. Grace Banu, Founder Director Trans Rights Now Collective

  223. Gulan Kripalani, A Citizen of India, Calcutta

  224. Gungun Islam, student, Kolkata

  225. Gurjeet Kaur, gender and development, Lucknow

  226. Gurkirth Kaur, Alwar, NFIW, Rajasthan

  227. Gurmeher Kaur, Student Activist, DU

  228. GV Kiranraj, Ankuram, Telangana

  229. Hasina Khan, Bebaak Collective, Mumbai

  230. Hazel Dlima, Mumbai

  231. Hechin Haokip, Manipur

  232. Heera Jhangpani, MAKAAM NFT, Uttarakhand

  233. Helam Haokip, WinG, Manipur

  234. Hema Gobindram, writer, Mumbai

  235. Hema Swaminathan, IIMB, Bangalore, Karnataka

  236. Himshi Singh, NAPM

  237. Hiral Dave, MAKAAM, NFT, Gujarat

  238. Honey Oberoi Vahali

  239. Inayat Singh Kakar, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, Punjab

  240. Indira C, Pune

  241. Indira Pancholi, Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti, Rajasthan

  242. Indira, Human Rights Forum, Hyderabad

  243. Indradeep Sen, IPTA, Delhi

  244. Iram Khan, NFIW, Rajasthan

  245. Iram Zaidi, development researcher, Hyderabad

  246. Isha Sharma, NFIW, Rajasthan

  247. Ismita Pandya, Ahmedabad

  248. Jagruti, Karnataka

  249. Jahnvi Andharia, NOIDA

  250. Jalpa Sharma, NFIW, Rajasthan

  251. Jameela, Shaheen, Hyderabad

  252. Jamila, BMMA Delhi

  253. Janaki Abraham

  254. Japleen Pasricha, Feminism in India, New Delhi

  255. Jashodhara Dasgupta, Feminist, Delhi

  256. Jaya Shrivastava, Gurgaon

  257. Jaya Velankar, New Delhi

  258. Jean Kalgutkar, Panaji, Goa

  259. Jeba, BMMA Delhi

  260. Jeevika Shiv, MAKAAM, Gujarat

  261. Jenny Liang, Assam

  262. Jharna AWAG, Ahmedabad

  263. Jhelum

  264. Jiya Bindoria, NFIW, Rajasthan

  265. Johanna Lokhande, Gujarat

  266. Joycia Thorat, YWCA, Mumbai

  267. Juhi Jain, Mumbai

  268. Juli, BMMA Delhi

  269. Jyothi Raj and team, Bhu Shakti Kendra, Tumkur, Karnataka;

  270. Jyoti Natarajan, Nashik, NFIW, Maharashtra

  271. Jyoti Taneja, NFIW, Rajasthan

  272. Jyotsna Jha

  273. Jyotsna Siddharth, actor and activist, Delhi

  274. K Anuradha Activist, Hyderabad

  275. K Sajaya, CCC, Hyderabad

  276. K Shivakumari, Social Worker, Telangana

  277. Kabi, FAOW, PUCL, Mumbai

  278. Kajal, BMMA Delhi

  279. Kakali Bhattacherjee, Activist, Kolkata, West Bengal

  280. Kalpana Chakravarthy, Social activist, Karnataka;

  281. Kalpana Dayala, Activist, Telangana

  282. Kalpana Kannibiran, Hyderabad

  283. Kalyani Meena, Women’s Rights Activist, Jharkhand

  284. Kamayani Swami, JJSS, Bihar

  285. Kameshwari Jandhyala, Hyderabad

  286. Kamini Shukla, disability rights activist, Jaipur,

  287. Kamla Bhasin, Delhi

  288. Kamyani Bali Mahabal, Mumbai

  289. Kanakdurga

  290. Karen Pineiro

  291. Karin Singh, Retired from PSU, Kolkata

  292. Kartikay Shukla, Haath Uthao Campaign, Delhi

  293. Karuna DW, researcher, Chennai

  294. Karuna Philip, Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti, Rajasthan

  295. Kashmin, BMMA Delhi

  296. Kasturi Venugopal, retd pharmacist, ISRO

  297. Kathyayini Chamaraj, CIVIC, Bangalore

  298. Kavita Gajendran, Chennai

  299. Kavita Krishnan, AIPWA

  300. Kavita Krishnpallavi, Dehradun

  301. Kavita Narzari , Student Delhi University

  302. Kavita Punjabi

  303. Kavita Srivastava, PUCL, Rajasthan

  304. Kavita, BMMA Delhi

  305. Kavitha Devadas, Delhi

  306. Kavitha Kuruganti, NFT member, MAKAAM, Bangalore, Karnataka

  307. Kavitha Srinivasan, CIEDS Collective, Karnataka

  308. Kawalpreet Kaur, AISA, Delhi

  309. Khadija Farooqui, The Alternate Space- Women’s Collective, New Delhi

  310. Khairunnisha, Parwaaz, Ahmedabad

  311. Khalida Parveen, Gen Secretary, Amoomat Society, Hyderabad

  312. Khushboo Jain

  313. Kiran Moghe, Pune

  314. Kiran Shaheen, memoirist/activist, New Delhi

  315. Kirtida Vora,

  316. Koel Chatterji, entrepreneur, Kolkata

  317. Kokila Bhattachraya, designer

  318. Komal Shrivastava, Jaipur

  319. Koninika Ray, NFIW, Delhi

  320. Kranti Ganvir, Gondia, NFIW, Maharashtra

  321. Krishna Menon

  322. Kritika, Law Student, Mumbai

  323. Krittika Roy NA, Ajaynagar,

  324. Krupa Dholakia, MAKAAM, Gujarat

  325. Kruti, KMVS, Kutch, Gujarat

  326. Kshirsagar Parbani, NFIW

  327. Kusum Saiwal, AIDWA

  328. Kusum, Banaras

  329. Kusum, President, All India Network of Sex workers

  330. Kusum, Rajasthan

  331. Kusumam Josef, NAPM, Kerala

  332. Lad Kumari Jain, Jaipur

  333. Lakhvindar Kaur Khajuwala, NFIW, Rajasthan

  334. Lal Pal, NFIW, Rajasthan

  335. Lalita Missal, NAWO, Odissa

  336. Lalita Ramdas,

  337. Lalita Sharma Pugal, NFIW, Rajasthan

  338. Lara Jesani, Advocate, Mumbai

  339. Lata Bhise, Pune, NFIW Maharshatra

  340. Latika Gupta, educationist, Delhi

  341. Laxmi, BMMA Delhi

  342. Leena Dabiru, India Inclusive, Baatein Aman Ki, Delhi

  343. Leila Passah, Bangalore

  344. Lena Ganesh

  345. Logna Bezbaruah

  346. Lubna Irfan, Aligarh

  347. M Sreelalita, Hyderabad

  348. M Sujatha, CCC, Telangana

  349. M.Chandramukhi, THITS, Telangana

  350. Maati Sangathan, Uttarakhand

  351. Madhavi Kane, Dwarka Collective, Delhi

  352. Madhu Bala, Delhi

  353. Madhu Bhushan, CIEDS Collective, Karnataka; 

  354. Madhu Sarin, MAKAAM, Chandigarh

  355. Madhulika, Dungarpur

  356. Madhumita Sinha, Homemaker, Kolkata

  357. Madhuri Varshney, Dwarka Collective, Delhi

  358. Mahe Jabeen, Hyderabad

  359. Maheen Mirza, Cinematographer, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

  360. Maitrayee Biswas,analytics manager, Kolkata

  361. Maitreyee Kuhu, Delhi

  362. Malika Virdhi, MAKAAM, Uttrakhand

  363. Mallige, Karnataka Janashakti and Mahila Munnade

  364. Malobika, Queer feminist activist, Kolkata

  365. Malshri, KMVS, Kutch, Gujarat

  366. Mamatha Karollil

  367. Mamatha Yajaman, CIEDS Collective, Karnataka

  368. Mamta Jaitley, Jaipur

  369. Mamta Kujur, Chattisgarh Adivasi Maha Sabha, Chattisgarh

  370. Mamta Singh, Humsafar, Lucknow, UP

  371. Mamta Soni, NFIW, Rajasthan

  372. Manasi Pingle, Bangalore

  373. Mangai, theatre Activist and Academician, Chennai.

  374. Manish Kumar Yadav, ANHAD Delhi

  375. Manish Sharma, Hath Uthaao Campaign

  376. Manish Shrivastava, IPTA, Delhi

  377. Manisha Gupte, Pune

  378. Manjeet Arora, NFIW, Rajasthan

  379. Manjeet Kirbat, women rights activist

  380. Manju Nagal

  381. Manju Sharma, Alwar, NFIW, Rajasthan

  382. Manjula Pradeep, Ahmedabad

  383. Manjusha Bhagade, advocate, delhi

  384. Manpreet Bagdi, NFIW, Rajasthan

  385. Mariam Dhavle, general secretary, AIDWA

  386. Mary Alfonsa, CWC, Telangana

  387. Mary John

  388. Mary Therese Kurkalang, Art & Publishing Consultant

  389. Mau Bhattacharyya, Researcher,

  390. Mausumi Chetia, PHD researcher

  391. MB Pravalika, Hyderabad

  392. Medha Patkar, NAPM

  393. Meena Gopal, Forum, Mumbai

  394. Meena Rajgor, Kutch

  395. Meena Seshu, Maharashtra

  396. Meenal, Delhi

  397. Meenu Vadera, Azad Foundation

  398. Meera Goradia, craft curator, Mumbai

  399. Meera Sanghamitra, NAPM

  400. Megha Kain, Delhi

  401. Meghna Mehra, All India Queer Association

  402. Miheshi, BHU

  403. Minakshi Singh, NFSW, Ghaziabad

  404. Minakshi, NFIW, Rajasthan

  405. Minaxi Sharma,

  406. Minu Jain

  407. Mirjahan, BMMA Delhi

  408. Mitali, Documentary film maker, Kolkata

  409. Monisha Behal, Assam

  410. Mridul, Labia- a queer, feminist, LBT collective, Mumbai

  411. Mridula Mangalam, BHU, Haath Uthao Campaign

  412. Mukta Srivastava

  413. Muniza Khan, Varanasi

  414. Munni, NFIW, Rajasthan

  415. Muskaan, BMMA Delhi

  416. Muskan Dar, Student, Delhi University

  417. Nandi, NFIW, Rajasthan

  418. Nandini Bhattacharya, associate professor, Kolkata

  419. Nandini Das

  420. Nandini Rao

  421. Nandita Gandhi, Mumbai

  422. Nandita Narain, Former President DUTA and FEDCUTA, Delhi

  423. Nandita Shah, Mumbai

  424. Nargis, BMMA Delhi

  425. Naseem, BMMA Delhi

  426. Naseema Khatoon, Jaipur

  427. Nasreen, BMMA Delhi

  428. Nastasia Paul Gera, Delhi

  429. Navsharan Kaur, Delhi

  430. Nayana Chowdhury, Ghaziabad

  431. Neela Bhagwat, Mumbai

  432. Neelanjana, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan Chhattisgarh 

  433. Neema Pathak, Pune

  434. Neeta Hardiker, Anna Suraksha Adhikar Abhiyan, Gujarat

  435. Neetu, NFIW, Rajasthan

  436. Neha, BMMA Delhi

  437. Nida, BMMA Delhi

  438. Nidhi Agarwal, Ayad Foundation, Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan

  439. Nidhi Goyal, Disability Rights Activist, Bombay

  440. Niharika Banerjea, Ambedkar University, Delhi

  441. Nikita Patodia, Mumbai

  442. Nimisha Desai, Vadodara, Gujarat

  443. Nimmi Chauhan, Gujarat

  444. Nini Mehrotra, Delhi

  445. Nirja Bhatnagar, Mumbai

  446. Nirjari Sinha, Gujarat

  447. Nirmala, BMMA Delhi

  448. Nisha Agarwal, Delhi

  449. Nisha Rani, Bihar

  450. Nisha Samuel, GTWF, Ghaziabad

  451. Nisha Siddhu, Jaipur

  452. Nishi Mehrotra, MAKAAM, Lucknow

  453. Nita Mahadev, Ahmedabad

  454. Nita Mahajan, Gujarat Lok Samiti

  455. Nithya, THITS, Telangana

  456. Niti Saxena, MAKAAM, Lucknow

  457. Nitika Pant, SAKAR, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. 

  458. Nivedita Menon, Professor JNU

  459. Niyazmeen, BMMA Delhi

  460. Noor Fatima, Banaras

  461. Noori, BMMA Delhi

  462. Noorjahan Diwan, Ahmedabad

  463. Nupur, MAKAAM, Gujarat

  464. Nusrat Hossain, french language expert , Kolkata

  465. Ojaswini Bakshi, Delhi 

  466. Om Kanwar, NFIW, Rajasthan

  467. Omkar Das, Theater artist, Jadavpur

  468. P Prasanathi, Hyderabad

  469. P Srinivas, SOIL, Chintamani, Karnataka

  470. P.Syamaladevi, LIGHT, Telangana

  471. Padma, PUCL, Allahabad

  472. Padmapriya, MSF

  473. Pallav, Delhi

  474. Pallavi Sobti Rajpal, MAKAAM, Gujarat

  475. Pamela Philipose, journalist, Delhi

  476. Paramita Banerjee, Founder & Chief Functionary, Diksha, Kolkata

  477. Parbhati, NFIW, Rajasthan

  478. Paromita

  479. Parveen, BMMA Delhi

  480. Paula Das, Health Activist, Lucknow

  481. Paula, Sahyog

  482. Payal Maheshwari, Rajasthan

  483. Persis Ginwala, Ahmedabad

  484. Pooja Nair, mental health professional, Mumbai

  485. Pooja Shukla, youth leader, Lucknow

  486. Poonam Kathuria, Ahmedabad

  487. Poushali Basak, FAOW, Mumbai

  488. Pragnya Joshi, Dungarpur ,Anandi

  489. Pragnya Joshi, PUCL, Rajasthan

  490. Pramod Pathak, Jaipur

  491. Prarthana

  492. Pratap Singh Negi, Delhi

  493. Prateeksha Yadav

  494. Preeti Singh, Child Rights Activist, Delhi

  495. Preeti, PCLRA, Ahmedabad

  496. Premlata Saini, NFIW, Rajasthan

  497. Prerna Puri, NFIW, Rajasthan

  498. Priya Murthy, TG, Telangana

  499. Priya Pillai, Delhi

  500. Priyanka Kher, Delhi

  501. Priyanka Shukla, All India Lawyers Union

  502. Priyanka Soni, NFIW, Rajasthan

  503. Prof Kusumam Joseph, NAPM, Kerala

  504. Prof. Amrita Chhachhi, New Delhi

  505. Purab Bhardwaj, Delhi

  506. Purbasha Auddy, PhD researcher, Kolkata

  507. Purnima Bhattacharya, Tezpur

  508. Purnima Gupta, Delhi

  509. Pushpa Achanta, Writer & Consultant, Bangalore;

  510. Pushpa Sharma, women's rights activist, Banda, Uttar Pradesh,

  511. R. Manjula, SWATE, Tamilnadu

  512. Rachana Johri, Delhi

  513. Rachana Mudraboyina

  514. Rachita Mukherjee Program Executive, Kolkata

  515. Rachna Sharma, Jaipur

  516. Radhay Pandey

  517. Rafiya

  518. Raj Merchant, Genderqueer, Mumbai

  519. Rajashri Dasgupta

  520. Rajashri Dasgupta, Journalist, Kolkata

  521. Rajeshwari Jagruthi, Dharwad, Karnataka

  522. Rajim ji, Mahila Adhikar Manch, Chattisgarh

  523. Rakhi Sehgal, Delhi

  524. Rakhi, NFIW, Rajasthan

  525. Ramesh Dev, IPTA, Delhi

  526. Ramshri, BMMA Delhi

  527. Rana Ayyub, Journalist, Mumbai

  528. Rani Vyas, Kolayat, Bikaner

  529. Rani, Anupgadh, NFIW, Rajasthan

  530. Ranjini Krishnan, Ernakulam,Kerala

  531. Ranu Bhogal

  532. Ranu Jain, academician, Mumbai

  533. Rashi, research scholar, JNU

  534. Rashmi Kayat, Delhi

  535. Rathi, CIEDS Collective, Karnataka

  536. Ratna Mathur, Delhi

  537. Ratna Sudarshan

  538. Reeta Kaushik

  539. Reeta, Gorakhpur

  540. Rehan Tirmizi, Delhi

  541. Rehana, Muzaffarnagar

  542. Rekha Raj,

  543. Renu Khanna, Vadodara

  544. Renu Thakur, MAKAAM, Uttrakhand

  545. Renuka Pamecha, Jaipur

  546. Reshma, BMMA Delhi

  547. Reyaz Ahmed, Muslim Women's Forum

  548. Richa Audhichya, MAKAAM, NFT member, Rajasthan

  549. Richa Chintan

  550. Richa Minocha, Jan Abhiyan Sanstha

  551. Richa Singh, Allahabad, UP

  552. Richa Singh, Sitapur, UP

  553. Rita Manchanda

  554. Rita Panicker, New Delhi

  555. Rita Sarin

  556. Ritambhara, Delhi

  557. Ritu Diwan, Mumbai

  558. Ritu Moni Boro, Student, Guwahati

  559. Rituparna Borah, Delhi

  560. Rojaliya Tirki, Jawa Women Organization

  561. Romita Reang, Tripura

  562. Rooprekha Verma, Saajhi Duniya, Lucknow

  563. Rosamma Thomas, Pune

  564. Roshan Ali, Writer, Bangalore

  565. Roshan Pandey

  566. Roshan Rathod, MAKAAM, Uttrakhand

  567. Roshmi Goswami

  568. Rosina, Ahmedabad

  569. Ruhi, BMMA Delhi

  570. Rukhsaar, BMMA Delhi

  571. Rukmini Rao, MAKAAM, NFT member, Telangana

  572. Runu Chakraborty, New Delhi

  573. Rupamanjiri

  574. Rupsa Mallik, Delhi

  575. Ruth Manorama, Bengaluru

  576. Ruth Zothanpuii, Muslim Women's Forum

  577. S Anandhi

  578. S Swetha, CCC, Telangana

  579. S. Ashalatha, MAKAAM, NFT member, Hyderabad

  580. S. Rama, journalist, Hyderabad

  581. S.Renuka, TDWU, Telangana

  582. Saba Dewan, Documentary Film Maker, Activist, Gurgaon

  583. Sabita Parida, independent researcher, New Delhi

  584. Sabrina, Social Worker, Kolkata

  585. Sadhana Khatti, Stree Mukti Andolan Sampark Samiti , Maharashtra

  586. Sadhna Meena, NFIW, Rajasthan

  587. Sadhna,University of Delhi

  588. Sagarika, Artist, Kolkata

  589. Sagaya Shanthy, Indian Social Institute, Bangalore

  590. Sageera, BMMA Delhi

  591. Sahar Bhog, student, Delhi

  592. Sajiya, BMMA Delhi

  593. Sakina Bahora, FAOW, Mumbai

  594. Sameera Iyengar, Mumbai

  595. Samhita Sen, Dumdum, Kolkata

  596. Sandhya Gokhale, FAOW, Mumbai

  597. Sandhya LC, LABIA-A Queer Feminist LBT Collective, Mumbai

  598. Sangeeta, BMMA Delhi

  599. Sangeeta, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan Chhattisgarh

  600. Saniya, BMMA Delhi

  601. Sanjeev - Dalit Adivasi Shakti Adhikar Manch (DASAM)

  602. Sankalpana Karhade, Kalyan, NFIW, Maharashtra

  603. Sanober Keshwar, Pune

  604. Santosh Sharma, gender activist, New Delhi

  605. Sara Khan, Program Manager, Kolkata

  606. Saraswathi Rama, Journalist, Sakshi Telugu, Hyderabad

  607. Sarbani Bandyopadhyay, assistant professor, Kolkata

  608. Sarika Choudhry, JNUSU

  609. Sarita Balooni, Delhi

  610. Sarita, Chattisgarh

  611. Sarojini N, Health activist, Delhi

  612. Saroop Dhruv, Ahmedabad

  613. Satyaki Dutta, Student, Hyderabad

  614. Satyavati Kondaveeti, Hyderabad

  615. Savita Gond, Banaras

  616. Saviya Lopes, artist, Mumbai

  617. Sayani Mitra

  618. Sayeda, BMMA Delhi

  619. Seema Anandhi

  620. Seema Azad, PUCL

  621. Seema Kulkarni, MAKAAM NFT member, Maharashtra

  622. Seema Rajoria, MP

  623. Seema Srivastava Activist Kolkata

  624. Sejal Dand, MAKAAM NFT member, Gujarat

  625. Sejal Dave, MAKAAM, Gujarat

  626. Shabina Mumtaz, women's rights activist, Banda, Uttar Pradesh

  627. Shabnam Aziz, Jaipur

  628. Shabnam Hashmi, Anhad, Delhi

  629. Shabnam Virmani, artist, Bengaluru,

  630. Shabnam,  Sawai madhopur, NFIW, Rajasthan

  631. Shabnam, BMMA Delhi

  632. Shabnam, Jaipur

  633. Shachi Adyanthaya, New Delhi

  634. Shahina Javed, Founder member of Roshni, Kolkata

  635. Shahnaz Rahmat Rahmat, Kolkata

  636. Shail Kaur¸ NFIW, Rajasthan

  637. Shakun Doundiyakhed

  638. Shakun Mohini, CIEDS Collective, Karnataka

  639. Shakuntala Pamecha, social worker, Rajsamand Mahila Manch, Rajasthan

  640. Shalini Gera, advocate, Chattigarh

  641. Shalini Singh, Delhi

  642. Shals Mahajan, Gender Queer Writer, Mumbai

  643. Shalu Joshi

  644. Shama, BMMA Delhi

  645. Shambhavi Prakash, New Delhi

  646. Shampa Sikdar, Chattisgarh

  647. Shannon Chater, Student, Kolkata

  648. Shanta Sinha, child rights activist, Hyderabad

  649. Shanthamma, CIEDS Collective, Karnataka

  650. Sharanya , MAKAAM, NFT member, Odissa

  651. Sharda Gopal, Right to Food Campaign, Karnataka

  652. Sharda, NFIW, Rajasthan

  653. Sharmi Kar, Welfare rights adviser, UK

  654. Sharmila Bhagat, New Delhi

  655. Sharmila Rudrappa, Bangalore

  656. Sharmila, NFIW, Rajasthan

  657. Shatarupa Sengupta, Part time teacher, Kolkata

  658. Sheba Chhachhi, artist, New Delhi

  659. Sheba George, SAHRWARU, Ahmedabad

  660. Sheela Mohanti, Nagpur, NFIW, Maharashtra

  661. Shehla Rashid Shora, Youth Leader, Kashmir

  662. Shilpa Ahluwalia, Mumbai

  663. Shilpa Phadke, Mumbai

  664. Shipra Nigam, Research Scholar, New Delhi

  665. Shiraz Bulsara Prabhu, Tribal Rights Activists

  666. Shital, Ahmedabad

  667. Shivangi Choubey

  668. Shivani Taneja, Bhopal

  669. Shivarani, APSA, Telangana

  670. Shraddha Chigateri, Bangalore

  671. Shrinivas Rao, Delhi

  672. Shriram Dubey Azad, Shimla

  673. Shrujana Niranhani Shridhar, artist, Mumbai

  674. Shruti Chakravarty, LABIA- Queer Feminist LBT Collective, Mumbai

  675. Shubhada Deshmukh, NFT member, MAKAAM, Maharashtra

  676. Shubhangi . MKSS

  677. Shubhangi Singh, Womens Rights Defender, Lucknow

  678. Shusheela Kaushik, academician, Gurgaon

  679. Shweta Tripathi, Delhi

  680. Shyam Bala, Rajasthan

  681. Shyista A Khan

  682. Simran, NFIW, Rajasthan

  683. Sipra, Professor, Kolkata

  684. Sister Anitha, MSI, Telangana

  685. Sister Carol Geeta, PUCL, Ajmer, Rajasthan

  686. Smita Gandhi, Mumbai

  687. Smita Khanijow, Delhi

  688. Smita Pandya, Ahmedabad

  689. Smita Pansare, Ahmadnagar, NFIW

  690. Smriti Nevatia, writer, editor, film curator, Mumbai

  691. Sneha Makkad

  692. Snehal Kamble, Kolhapur, NFIW, Maharashtra

  693. Snehal Shah, TISS alumni

  694. Snigdha Shuchi, Delhi

  695. Soharab Mondal, Assistant Professor, Basirhat

  696. Soma Marik, associate professor, Kolkata

  697. Soma Roy Karmakar, Kolkata

  698. Soma, NFIW, Rajasthan

  699. Somaya Gupta, Law student, University of Delhi

  700. Sona Rathod, Actress, Telangana

  701. Sonal Kellogg, Sabfree Foundation, Ahmedabad

  702. Sonal Mehta, Ahmedabad

  703. Sonia Jabbar, photographer, New Delhi

  704. Sophia Khan, Ahmedabad

  705. Sreelakshmy Govardhanan, Thrissur

  706. Sreepurna Ghose, Teacher, Kolkata

  707. Steven S George, student, Delhi

  708. Subhalakshmi Borah, Student, NOIDA

  709. Subhasree Banik, PhD scholar, Bowbazar, Kolkata

  710. Sucheta  De, National President AISA, Delhi

  711. Sucheta De, former JNUSU President

  712. Sudeshna Banerjee, Kolkata

  713. Sudeshna Dutta, West Bengal

  714. Sudha Choudhary, Professor, Udaipur

  715. Sudha Goparaju, Hyderabad

  716. Sudha Nagavarapu, Sangtin, Uttar Pradesh;

  717. Sudha Reddy, EFSA, Bangalore;

  718. Sudhanya LC, Labia- a queer, feminist, LBT collective, Mumbai

  719. Sudharshana, [email protected], Hyderabad

  720. Suganda Nagar, New Delhi

  721. Suhas Kolhekar, NAPM, Maharashtra

  722. Sujana Krishnamurti, the Mango, Mumbai

  723. Sujata Gothoskar, FAOW, Mumbai

  724. Sujata Khandekar,CORO India

  725. Sujatha, CCC, Telangana

  726. Sukanya Gupta Sodepur, North 24 Pargana

  727. Sukla Sen

  728. Sulakshana Nandi, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan Chhattisgarh

  729. Suman Pujari, AITUC, Maharashtra

  730. Sumedh Chowdhari, journalist,

  731. Sumedha Bodh, Rashtriya Dalit Mahila Andolan

  732. Sumedha Chowdhry, journalist

  733. Sumitra, Ankuram

  734. Sumitra, MAKAAM NFT, Himachal Pradesh

  735. Sumona Chakravarty, Artist Kolkata,

  736. Sunehra Deshpande, Ahmedabad

  737. Sunila Singh, advocate, Delhi

  738. Sunita , NFIW, Rajasthan

  739. Sunita Bagal, Pune

  740. Sunita Gandhi, Chiplun, Ratnagiri

  741. Sunita Kanwar, NFIW, Rajasthan

  742. Sunita Menon, Breakthrough

  743. Sunita Rani, National Domestic Workers Union, NAPM

  744. Sunita, BMMA Delhi

  745. Supriya Chotani

  746. Suryakumari, Journalist, Sakshi Telugu, Hyderabad

  747. Suryaprabha, Siddhipet district, Telangana

  748. Susan Abraham, Advocate, Mumbai

  749. Susheela Kaushik, academician, Gurgaon

  750. Sushila, Ahmedabad

  751. Sushma Arora, NFIW, Rajasthan

  752. Sushma Birulee, NAPM, Kharkhand

  753. Sushmita Pati, Bangalore

  754. Sushmita, senior researcher, writer, CJP, Mumbai

  755. Susmita Bhattacharjee, Student, Barrackpore

  756. Sutanuka Ghosh, Kolkata

  757. Sutapa Roy, Teaching, Kolkata,

  758. Swapnil Sanyal, Student, Kolkata

  759. Swarna Bhat, Grameena Kooli Karmikara Sangathane (GRAKOOS), Karnataka;

  760. Swarna Rajagopalan, Pragnya, Chennai

  761. Swarnlata Mahilkar, New Delhi,

  762. Swati Biswas, assistant professor, Kolkata

  763. Swati Chaturvedi

  764. Swati Desai, Paryawaran Suraksha Samiti, NAPM, Gujarat

  765. Swati Dogra, development consultant, Delhi

  766. Swati Gahlot, NFIW, Rajasthan

  767. Swatija Paranjape, FAOW, Mumbai

  768. Syeda Hameed, Muslim Women Forum, Delhi

  769. Tamanna, BMMA Delhi

  770. Tapasi Praharaj, AIDWA

  771. Tara Ahluwalia, Bhilwara, Rajasthan

  772. Teesta Setalvad, CJP,Mumbai

  773. Thulasi, Journalist, Hyderabad

  774. Titi Mukherjee, student, Kolkata

  775. TN Uma, Delhi

  776. Tomali Chaudhuri, Self-employed, media

  777. Uma Chatterjee, Service, Kolkata

  778. Uma Paliwal

  779. Uma V Chandru, Bangalore

  780. Uma, NAPM

  781. Usha Choudhary, Udaipur, Rajasthan

  782. Usha Seethalaxmi, MAKAAM NFT, Telangana, AP

  783. Usha Sharma, NFIW, Rajasthan

  784. Usha, Bhumika, Telangana

  785. Utpala, PUCL, Allahabad

  786. Uttara Ganguly Citizen, Kolkata

  787. Uttarakhand Mahila Manch, Munsiari ,Uttarakhand

  788. V. Madhavi, Hyderabad

  789. V. Sandhya, PoW (National Convener), Hyderabad

  790. Vaishali, Ahmedabad

  791. Vandana Mahajan,

  792. Vandana Misra

  793. Vandita Moraka, One Future Collective, Mumbai

  794. Vangapally Padma, Journalist, Telangana

  795. Vani Subramanian

  796. Vanita Nayak Mukherjee, New Delhi

  797. Varsha Vidya Vilas, Mumbai

  798. Vasantha

  799. Vasanthi Raman

  800. Vasavi Kiro, Indigenous Women India Network, Jharkhand

  801. Vasudha Katju, Delhi

  802. Veena Gowda, Advocate, Mumbai

  803. Vibhuti Patel

  804. Vidya Dinker, INSAF, Karavali Karnataka Janabhivriddhi Vedike, Karnataka

  805. Vidya Kore, Thane, NFIW, Maharashtra

  806. Vijaya Bhandaru, Writer, Telangana

  807. Vijaya Usharani, Hyderabad

  808. Vijayalaxmi Joshi, Jaipur

  809. Vineeta Bal

  810. Vinita Jain, Jaisalmer, NFIW, Rajasthan

  811. Vinita, Yuwa, Mumbai

  812. Vinod Koshti

  813. Vishakha, Udaipur

  814. Vishakha, Bikaner

  815. Vishakha, Jaipur

  816. Vrinda Marwah, Researcher, Delhi

  817. Wandana Sonalkar, Mumbai

  818. Yaasmeen, BMMA Delhi

  819. Yaqub Mohd, Hawkers Vender’s Rights Rajasthan

  820. Yashoda, Journalist, Hyderabad

  821. Yogita Verma, Development Sector Worker, Delhi

  822. Yuman Hussain, Azad India Foundation, Bihar

  823. Zainab Patel, New Delhi

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